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1 one of the Muslim people of north Africa; of mixed Arab and Berber descent; converted to Islam in the 8th century; conqueror of Spain in the 8th century
2 open land usually with peaty soil covered with heather and bracken and moss [syn: moorland]


1 secure in or as if in a berth or dock; "tie up the boat" [syn: berth, tie up]
2 come into or dock at a wharf; "the big ship wharfed in the evening" [syn: berth, wharf]
3 secure with cables or ropes; "moor the boat"

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Etymology 1

mōr. Cognates include Dutch moer, German Moor and perhaps also Gothic marei. See mere.


  1. An extensive waste covered with patches of heath, and having a poor, light soil, but sometimes marshy, and abounding in peat; a heath.
    A cold, biting wind blew across the moor, and the travellers hastened their step.
  2. A game preserve consisting of moorland.
Derived terms
region with poor, marshy soil, peat, and heath
game preserve

Etymology 2

From the imperfect past participle moored; present participle and verbal noun mooring. Probably from marren "to tie", "fasten", "or moor a ship". See mar.


  1. To cast anchor or become fastened.
  2. In the context of "transitive|nautical": To fix or secure, as a vessel, in a particular place by casting anchor, or by fastening with cables or chains; as, the vessel was moored in the stream; they moored the boat to the wharf.
  3. To secure, or fix firmly.
To cast anchor or become fastened
To fix or secure, as a vessel, in a particular place by casting anchor, or by fastening with cables or chains
To secure, or fix firmly
  • Russian: крепить
  • Estonian: silduma, otsi kinnitama
  • Finnish: ankkuroida (transitive), ankkuroitua (intransitive)
  • French: amarrer
  • Portuguese: atracar, ancorar
  • Spanish: atracar, amarrar





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Moor may refer to:
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

affix, agricultural region, alight, alkali flat, alluvial plain, anchor, annex, anthill, arable land, attach, barrow, basin, batten, batten down, baygall, belay, berth, billet at, bind, bivouac, black belt, bog, bottom, bottomland, bottoms, brae, bridle, buffalo wallow, burrow, bushveld, butte, camp, campo, cast anchor, catch, cement, chain, champaign, champaign country, cinch, citrus belt, clamp, clinch, coastal plain, colonize, come to anchor, come to land, corn belt, cotton belt, countryside, cramp, debark, debus, delta, deplane, desert, detrain, disembark, disemplane, dock, domesticate, down, downs, drop anchor, drop the hook, drumlin, dune, dust bowl, enchain, engraft, ensconce, entrammel, establish residence, everglade, farm belt, farm country, farmland, fasten, fasten down, fell, fen, fenland, fetter, fix, flat, flat country, flatland, flats, foothills, fruit belt, glade, go ashore, graft, grapple, grass roots, grass veld, grassland, grazing region, gyve, hamper, handcuff, heath, highland, highlands, hill, hillock, hive, hobble, hog wallow, hog-tie, holm, hopple, hummock, inhabit, kedge, kedge off, keep house, knit, knob, knoll, land, lande, lash, lash and tie, lay anchor, leash, level, live at, llano, locate, lowland, lowlands, lunar mare, make a landfall, make fast, make land, make port, make secure, make sure, manacle, marais, mare, marish, marsh, marshland, meadow, meadows and pastures, mere, mesa, mesilla, mire, molehill, monticle, monticule, moorland, moors, morass, moss, mound, move, mud, mud flat, nest, open country, pampa, pampas, park, peat bog, peg down, peneplain, people, perch, picket, pin down, pinion, plain, plains, plateau, playa, populate, prairie, prairies, province, provinces, put in, put in irons, put into port, put to, quagmire, quicksand, reach land, relocate, reside, restrain, rolling country, roost, rope, rural district, rustic region, salt flat, salt marsh, salt pan, sand dune, savanna, screw up, sebkha, secure, set, set to, set up housekeeping, set up shop, settle, settle down, shackle, sit down, slob land, slough, sough, squat, stand, stay at, steppe, steppes, straitjacket, strap, strike root, sump, swale, swamp, swampland, swell, table, tableland, taiga, take residence at, take root, take up residence, tether, the country, the soil, the sticks, tie, tie down, tie up, tighten, tobacco belt, trammel, tree veld, trice up, trim, tundra, unboat, upland, uplands, vega, veld, wallow, wash, wasteland, weald, wheat belt, wide-open spaces, wold, woodland, woods and fields, yokeldom
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